3d playing cards shuffle animation
A star pathfinding on a landscape geometry

Frozen Bubble

frozen bubble frost simulation render in houdini and redshift

Plasma Ball

plasma ball VFX rendered in houdini and redshift

Procedural Braids

procedural braids in houdini render

Dynamic Rope

procedural rope bridge built with  houdini

Inverse Hull

inverse hull outline houdini

Stylized R&D

stylized render anime style houdini octane

Windmill Hut

procedural windmill hut model in houdini

Spline IKĀ Solver

IK rig chain setup in houdini

Mosaic Generation

procedural mosaic built with houdini

Stylized Rain

anime style rain simulation houdini

Celtic Knots

celtic knot 3d algorithm render generative procedural art
Procedural modeling stair paths using houdini and unreal engine 5

Stair Paths

Animated mesh morph effect VFX using Houdini

Head Morph Effect

curve project height field data in Houdini

Height Field Roads

melting candle rendered with houdini and redshift

Melting Candle