3D modeling

Wax drops

Wax drop geometry modeled by running a condensation simulation on the candle holder geometry.


Candle wax shader is a basic subsurface scatter material with its specular roughness mapped to the temperature attribute of the geometry.

Simulation / Animation

Melt simulation ran on candle wax geometry. A sphere with noise displacement used as a heat source and a smaller sphere geometry used as a particle sink to create a hole around the flame.

Candle wick burn animation was built with custom positional noise remaps on the geometry points.

Candle flame simulation made with "Pyro configure billowy smoke" node setup. And a small VEX (volume wrangle) snippet to create a flame "blow out" effect at the end.


The overhead light intensity is overlayed with noise to get a flicker effect. Additionally I created a channel wrangle to get a more gradual fade in/out of the light intensity