Python for Houdini

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Python can help 3D artists in automating their Houdini workflow by allowing users to build custom tools. Here I will describe some of the custom tools I've built to optimize my Houdini workflow. Everything is open source, the code and HDAs are uploaded and are constantly updated on my GitHub.

Blast by Attribute

A blast by attribute node, takes a geometry object as an input and outputs geometry filtered by its point or primitive attribute. It works by generating a blast node for each unique value of the specified geometry attribute. For example:

houdini blast by attribute custom python tool demohoudini blast by attribute custom python tool demo

Octane Quick Setup

This script might be useful for anyone who is using Octane render engine in Houdini. The script will setup a render target, render output and camera nodes. It will automatically link the render target and camera to the render output as well as let you specify the rendering kernel during the setup process. It will save you a lot of time if you use Octane on a daily basis.

houdini custom octane tool UI