Frosty FX

Procedural Frost Tool For Houdini


What is FROSTY FX?
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FROSTY FX is a Houdini Digital Asset. It generates procedural spline and geometry based frost-like patterns for visual effects. It provides a powerful starting point for frost generation, you can easily modify and tweak the scale, shape, curvature and other attributes to achieve the desired look and feel. Experimentation is key, and our example project files, included with the purchase, demonstrate the possibilities of customization.

What is included with the purchase?
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  • Houdini Digital Asset (.hdalc)
  • Houdini Project Files containing example setups for Frosty FX tool.
Where can I get FROSTY FX?
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You can purchase our digital tool through two options. Firstly, you can buy it on Gumroad, a trusted online marketplace for digital products. Secondly, the tool is available free of charge for all our supporters on Patreon. You can find the links to both options below.

How to install Houdini Digital Assets?
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1. Place the HDA file into the relevant Houdini "OTLS" directory for:




Where "XX.X" is your Houdini version for example "houdini/19.5/otls"

2. Restart Houdini. To use the tool go to Geometry level -> Press Tab -> type "Frost"

What Software is compatible with FROSTY FX?
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  • Houdini 19.0+
Is technical support available for the digital tool?
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If you have any questions, contact us by:

  • Email:
  • Creating a thread on our Discord Server